Sea and jewelry

Is there a case you were taken and that made the
heart left behind?

Is there a case that you killed a heart?

How many times did you shed tears thinking of the person?

Crying feeling is passing, and despair....

I know the best way is running away, but I can't.

Because you have taken one only my heart.

The people say " Your are lucky, because you keep thinking such sweet things," but still painful things will not change.

"Immorality" "Lost Love" "Betrayal" " Jealousy" "Innocent malice"
I just love one person.

Pain in my heart is also personal things, it is an informal documentary.

It is not an event to shake society, it is not a socai problem....
It must be some small talkings in dramas or movies, but I want to tell.

It is one creative documentary representing tears my heart was left behind.
About my experience and lots of stories with many men and women....

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